Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ocktoberfest 2011

Ocktoberfest is our celebration kicking off the Holiday season. Get ready for FUN FUN FUN!!! Every weekend this October come and win some cookies on our FACEBOOK PAGE . This weekend you have a chance to win our limited edition creme pies, and the original creme pies by answering some Halloween Trivia. This weekend  WIN by suggesting 10 or more friends to our FACEBOOK PAGE  (have them mention your name and their favorite cookie) to win a cremepie! Visit our website and use LOVEBROOKIE at checkout for $5 off any purchase (excludes samplers/samples). We will also wrap up this month with a Halloween Costume contest on Thursday October 27th, where you can post your costumes and the costumes with highest # number of votes will win! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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