Saturday, May 25, 2013

Now HIRING!! Summer Cookie Reps!

Do you need to earn extra cash this Summer, or know someone who does? You can have a fun Brand Party using our product in your own home. Contact us today! Email

Friday, May 24, 2013

Now Available in Vegan on Kickstarter!!!

By Popular Demand, These Cookies are available in Vegan, and are deliciously flavorful without eggs, butter or milk. You will receive a handwritten thank you, for a $30 pledge. Ends today at 6pm (EST), 3pm (PST). THANK YOU!!! Pledge Here on Kickstarter

Last Day for the Kickstarter Campaign THANK YOU for your pledges!

Last Day on Kickstarter and oh so close to making the goal! Pledge until 3pm (PST) and 6pm (EST). Thank you for all of your support and generosity during this campaign! You still have time today to make a difference and help get the first store location open!! Pledge at this link -> KICKSTARTER

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2,500 Free Cookies for Kickstarter Campaign

With 3 days to go on Kickstarter and almost 1/2 way to the goal Pledge and be a "Social Media Backer" and get this yummy original BROOKIE COOKIE, a media brochure, a hand written thank you from Brookie and your name will also be added to our website as a proud backer, for a $1.99 pledge, while supplies last! This is the last online giveaway of the year, and we will be opening soon!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Support our Kickstarter Campaign!

Support our Kickstarter campaign Friday 5/3- Friday 5/24! KICKSTARTER The BROOKIE COOKIE project Pledge any amount today! to help us open the 1st BROOKIE COOKIE location! Pledges are deducted only if we reach the goal, see the rewards for your pledges below. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Kickstarter Launch Campaign May 3rd- 24th

Today I launched the first Kickstarter Campaign for The BROOKIE COOKIE, so we've been busy over the past 6 months preparing! If you haven't heard about it yet, Kickstarter is basically where new businesses create projects to get backers for their new product or service. The backers get Rewards for themselves or friends for their contributions and will be listed on KICKSTARTER & The BROOKIE COOKIE websites. Here is the KICKSTARTER LINK to check it out! I feel like New York is such a hard place to start a business, let alone succeed. I'm built "Ford Tough" and believe that I can steer this company to successfully open this location and many more in the future. My intent is for the first location to actually be in Brooklyn, so I've been patiently researching the most profitable and popular areas to set up shop. So like everyone says "you gotta start somewhere". Well... here I am... starting, although we've been in business for over 3 years and believe I've found a good location! The plan is to raise $6,750.00 for raw goods, equipment and construction. I wish to meet and exceed my goals with your help for contributions as little as $1! This campaign is running for the next 20 days and I'll be emailing, texting, calling, blogging and posting updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to try and reach the Goal. With your help and encouragement, I can keep on running this race. Check out the VIDEO PREVIEW! Thanks and see you on KICKSTARTER
I am really grateful and appreciate your support & Thank you so much for making these dreams a reality! Sincerely, Brookie